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Packet Greens will be a 10,000 square feet farm which utilizes the best-in-class technology. With 6 years of experience in the vertical farm industry, Packet Greens has successfully grown over 50 varieties of vegetables. 

By harnessing past knowledge and experience on how best to grow certain crops, they have embarked on an ambitious challenge of growing 7-8 tonnes of vegetables per month once the farm is ready for full production.

Modular Plant Factory System

This plant factory system can be modularly stacked in various ways based on the principle of building blocks. Rack levels and heights can be flexibly and easily adjusted without the need for special tools. The plants are cultivated hydroponically. The latest generation of LED chip technology is used for accurate light distribution, while a technology for nutrient supply accurately regulates the growth of the plants. The system is mainly made of non-metallic materials, which are moisture-resistant, anticorrosive, and non-deformable. There will be a revolutionary modular design in the water tray system to improve operation and maintenance for algae cleaning.

Solar Powered Electricity

Packet Greens will be the first local vertical farm that uses Green Renewable Energy provided by solar panels which will be installed at the roof of the vertical farm. This setup will help to generate 300MWhr of clean energy per year. The 230kWp solar system is expected to save $50,000 of energy cost per year (over $1,000,000 over 20 years). LCOE of solaris only $0.053 per kWhr.

Advanced LED

We are the sole distributor in Southeast Asia for a Dutch technology that supply growth lights using a patented LEDs. The unique growth lights consist of 2 parts. Basic growth lights and supplement lights. This Basic Growth lights were designed basing on the Chlorophyll A & B absorption characteristic. Supplement lights consists of 3 different wavelength of lights that improves in both, biorhythm, (nutrition content) and morphology, (shape, size, and weight) development of the crops. Usage of the latest LED lighting for growth lights will reduce the time of growth by the plants and hence increase yield.

Customised AGV (Autonomous Goods Vehicle)

We will be engaging our partner to create a customized AGV to automatically bring down the growth trays to ground level and lower the manpower component. This revolutionary concept will increase efficiency and lower manpower costs while keeping work safety of our workers on the farm at a high level.


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The Backyard Produce by Packet Greens

A leafy vegetable with thick, flat, glossy, blue-green leaves with thick stems, Kailan is in Asian dishes as it has a crunchy texture and a flavour akin to broccoli. Packing high amounts of Vitamins K, C, A, B9 and B2, Kailan is also higher in phytochemicals which reduces the risk of estrogenic related cancers and beta-carotene which are good for the eyes. Tastes great stir-fried and steamed. 

A species of aquatic flowering plants in the cabbage family, Watercress has delicate peppery flavoured leaves that are low in calories but particularly rich in Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Riboflavin. Tastes great boiled in soup or can be eaten raw. 

Tung Oh
Cai Xin

Tung Oh, also known as Garland Chrysanthemum, has a slightly mustardy flavour with a crispy texture. It is a nutrient dense vegetable rich in flavonoids, vitamins, potassium and offers a multitude of health benefits often used in Korean, Cantonese and Japanese cuisines. Tastes great boiled in a hot-pot, soup, stews, stir-fry or casserole dishes. 

A green, leafy vegetable with slender, smooth stems which are crisp and juicy, Cai Xin has a tender, crunchy texture and a bitter-sweet flavour. Firm leaves contain many vital B-complex vitamins such as B6, B5 and B1 which are essential for our bodies. It is also an excellent source of Vitamin C. Tastes great boiled, stir-fried or steamed. 

Pak Choy

Looking like a squat celery with pale green, short, chunky stalks and deep green leaves. The texture of both the Green Pak Choy leaves and stalk is crisp and has a mild mustard flavour. High in Vitamin C, beta-carotene, folic acid as well as many essential minerals. One cup of cooked Green Pak Choy contains the calcium equivalent of ¼ pint of milk. Tastes great boiled in a hot-pot, stir-fried, steamed and even eaten fresh. 


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