Atlas Aquaculture is a land-based fish farm that harnesses the power of technology to bring consumers fresh, nourishing and sustainable fish. 

Its retail arm, The Sustainable Seafood Project, sells quality seafood directly to consumers and businesses. As its name suggests, The Sustainable Seafood Project strives to create better, more sustainable food choices for the ethical food consumer.

The Atlas Solution: 3-pronged Approach

The Atlas Solution for good quality fishes and water includes a 3-pronged approach. Firstly, land-based farms are used, such that oceans and marine ecosystems are left undisturbed. Secondly, cutting-edge technology combines science and engineering to treat water and waste from farms, for minimal to zero farm waste. Water is recycled and reused, waste is repurposed as fertilizer, and energy consumption is reduced through solar power. Thirdly, fishes are carefully monitored and farmed organically, without the use of drugs, GMOs, or hormones.

This 3-pronged approach produces many benefits for Atlas Aquaculture fishes. With water quality at optimum levels, fishes can grow stress-free, preventing disease outbreaks that are common characteristics for farmed fish. Fishes are provided with different environments that suit their needs, such as underwater shelters or isolated spaces for fishes to grow at their own pace. Harvest is done at an optimal size to maintain peak quality of fishes, and reduce food waste. These practices are developed in partnership with animal behaviour specialists who ensure that fishes are not only nurtured well, but also harvested in environmentally conscious manners that produce less waste. Through this, consumers can enjoy healthy and delicious fishes that are sustainable for consumers and the environment alike.


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The Backyard Produce by Atlas Aquaculture
Dragon Tiger Grouper

This vibrantly striped saltwater fish has a bouncy, firm texture and a sweet aftertaste. 

Giant Grouper

This majestic fish is rich in collagen and has a tender, silky texture with a sweet flavour.  

Black Grouper

With its fatty, firm and sweet flesh, this saltwater fish is ideal for steaming or fish soup.  

Fourfinger Threadfin

Often considered a ‘brain food’ in Asian culture, this sweet and tender fish is nutritious and packed with health benefits. 

Golden Snapper

Sweet, rich and tender, this versatile fish can be steamed, baked, fried or grilled.  

Red Snapper

Grilled or baked whole, this distinctively flavoured fish complements every dish, from smoky, spicy fry-ups to hearty stews – all while being low in calories and high in protein.  

Sea Bass

This saltwater fish has a gentle, mildly sweet flavour and contains high nutritional value, including Omega-3 fatty acids. 


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