Located strategically in the regional business district of Paya Lebar, GoFarm leverages on the latest technology by having their produce grow indoors within a controlled environment, delivering a consistent yield all year round. 

The vertical nature also enables higher productivity on a small land area. These are the capabilities of an Urban Indoor Vertical High-Tech Farm and they ensure that quality, quantity and variety are not compromised.

Less Becomes More with ACE

ACE Fish Farm employs ECO-ARK®, a patented innovative floating closed containment farm that is climate resilient and produces more in less space. This is done by having the shortest fish food mile, from eggs to maturity to packing are all done within the ECO-ARK® to reduce carbon footprint. Its fishes are raised in strictly controlled, optimal environments to ensure that the fishes remain healthy and produce the best textured and flavoured meat.

Through the use of this technology, ACE Fish Farm has successfully harvested antibiotic, vaccine and micro-plastic free fishes at 20 times the average production level.


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The Backyard Produce by GOFarm
Japanese Komatsuna

One of the commonly consumed greens in Singapore – Komatsuna has broad green leaves which can be eaten when they are both young and especially sweet or fully grown with a bolder, mustardy character.

Japanese Shungiku

Shungiku’s flavour profile changes somewhat as the plant ages – the younger leaves have a mild taste while the older leaves are significantly more bitter and stronger in flavour. The leaves have a slightly succulent texture, and the stalks are crunchy.


Traditionally eaten as a leafy green vegetable in Chinese stir fry dishes, KaiLan resembles kale or Romaine lettuce in that it has long, dark green leaves and nearly non-existent flower heads.

Baby Bak Choy

Unlike the full-sized Bok Choy which has tough fibres, the Baby Bok Choy has tender stalks and its bright green leaves have a sweet, clean flavour balanced by a hint of peppery, mustardy bitterness.

Chinese Endive

Also known as Escarole, the Chinese Endive has the least bitter taste in the endive family. It has a mild and tender core with a good crunch to the lettuce.

Japanese Mizuna

Piquant, mild peppery flavour slightly spicy, but less so than arugula, it has crisp stalks and beautiful frond-like leaves.

Red Oak Leaf Lettuce

Native to the eastern Mediterranean, the Red Oak Leaf Lettuce is a gourmet type of lettuce with delicate soft leaves. The leaves have a unique undulating edge with thick lobes, giving it an oak leaf-like appearance.


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