Located strategically in the regional business district of Paya Lebar, GoFarm leverages on the latest technology by having their produce grow indoors within a controlled environment, delivering a consistent yield all year round. 

The vertical nature also enables higher productivity on a small land area. These are the capabilities of an Urban Indoor Vertical High-Tech Farm and they ensure that quality, quantity and variety are not compromised.

Farming Smarter, Faster and Better

GoFarm believes that technology plays a key role in transforming the agricultural industry into one that is highly productive. The tallest of its kind in Singapore, the urban farm is installed with 6.5-meter tall greens racking systems, highly-efficient 5G lighting system and a “smart-agro” network-enabled independent control system to grow leafy vegetables. Two of the most crucial systems of GoFarm are the Hybrid Nutrient Film Technique and Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) system. 

By employing the use of Hybrid Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) that uses a fraction of water for farming as compared to general hydroponic systems, GoFarm is able to ensure high levels of productivity in a sustainable manner.

Additionally, specifically designed for indoor farm use, the ACMV system accurately controls the climatic environment which allows a wide range of leafy green crops to be grown within a specific period of time.


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The Backyard Produce by GoFarm
Fresh Grouper

Komatsuna has broad green leaves which can be eaten when they are both young and especially sweet or fully grown with a bolder, mustardy character.

Japanese Shungiku

Shungiku’s flavor profile changes somewhat as the plant ages – the younger leaves have a mild taste while the older leaves are significantly more bitter and stronger in flavor. The leaves have a slightly succulent texture, and the stalks are crunchy.


Traditionally eaten as a leafy green vegetable in Chinese stir fry dishes, KaiLan resembles kale or Romaine lettuce in that it has long, dark green leaves and nearly non-existent flower heads.

Bok Choy

Unlike the full-size Bok Choy which has tough fibres, the Baby Bok Choy has tender stalks and its bright green leaves have a sweet, clean flavor balanced by a hint of peppery, mustardy bitterness.

Black Rose

This unique lettuce has curly, fan-shaped leaves in deep red and a shiny surface.


A ready-to-eat, savoury, all-natural Sea Bass smoked to perfection with a twist of Black Pepper.


Kale comes in two forms – kale, which has smooth leaves, and curly kale, which has crinkly leaves.


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