Chef Maxamilian from Green Kitchen underscores the importance of local food from our platter to our purse strings

Max cutting tempeh

“Being able to see food being grown in the backyards, getting in contact with the farmers and learning sustainable farming practices, brings us a few more steps closer to the food we plate."

We are celebrating the fifth edition of Backyard Production’s Taste and Dine event this September with Chef Maxamilian from Green Kitchen. Taste and Dine is a series that collaborates with prominent chefs of Singapore to capture the ethos of Singapore’s very own local and fresh produce and the magic that these chefs create on their plate with the bounties of nature. 

Today, in our conversation with Chef Maxamilian from Green Kitchen we take a broader look at the importance of local food from rendering fresh taste to our dishes, to its health benefits, and how it contributes to our economy, our Nation and our planet. 

In his 20 years of career in the food industry, Chef Maxamilian has donned many hats. He worked in the food manufacturing business; served as  a private chef for royal families; served celebrities at Michelin star restaurants; worked in a private yacht and today is an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry. The only two constants have been his unwavering passion for sustainability and his love for food.

How did you first find out about local produce?

As a chef, I like to stick to the basic principles of food: the fresher the better.  In my pursuit to explore fresh sources of food, I often visit local farmers and that is how my relationship with Singapore’s local food produce started.

Why did you decide to choose local produce and how are you using them in your dishes?

My passion for sustainability drives me to support local produce and help the community of local farmers. I realise that local produce is still quite small and needs enormous boosting. One simple way in which I try to help this community grow stronger is by working with as many different farmers as possible

At our restaurant, we use loads of green veggie and herbs and local fishes and in as many ways as possible from steamed to fried, whatever we feel suits the platter of our customers.

What are some of the dishes?

The most popular ones are the ‘Dunked noodles with steamed greens’, ‘Grilled Barramundi with Lime and Pomelo’.

What are some benefits and value have you gained from using local produce?

It is no secret that fresh food tastes better. However, not everyone may be aware that fresh food is nutrient packed as it still has life left in it compared to dead food. A plant starts decomposing as soon as it is chopped off. However, the decomposition takes a few days and the faster we can eat them the better they are for us. Take an example of green veggies: once cut they lose 80% of their nutrients in five days. Local produce enables faster access to this nutrient packed food. The lesser miles travelled also reduces the carbon footprint. This is just not better for us but better for the planet.

What other local products would you consider using in the future and why?

Salmon, crab, prawns, honey, goat milk, mushrooms, the list is endless. To be honest, if we could, we would only use food grown locally, as long as it is of good quality. Quality is one important aspect for me both as a chef and a consumer.

Would you share a word of advice for other chefs in using local produce?

Supporting ‘local’ is supporting your community.

As chefs, I feel it should be our responsibility to know the source of your food. Having access to where your food is grown is a blessing. Being able to see food being grown in the backyards, getting in contact with the farmers and learning sustainable farming practices, brings us a few more steps closer to the food we plate. I believe that it is your suppliers that contribute immensely in your creation of great food. 

In a nutshell, I would say that Backyard Productions has helped translate all those wishes into reality. They not only enable easy access to local produce without denting our purse strings; but help the community of local farmers grow and earn their living, make our economy stronger and make us more sustainable as a nation. I am also excited about ‘Singapore’s 30 by 30 plan to sustainably’ that further drives the local agenda. The current inflation is yet another propeller to embrace the ‘go local’ initiative. To wrap up, we have all the right reasons to join our forces to push the ‘go local’ initiative, enjoy fresh and local produce and become more self-sufficient and sustainable as a nation. 

About Taste & Dine

Taste & Dine is a series of dining events brought to you by Backyard Productions in collaboration with the best restaurants in Singapore to highlight our homegrown produce.

By working together with chefs to create a menu that uses locally grown and farmed produce, Backyard Productions aims to bring our homegrown gems to the forefront of the industry, making it accessible for all.

Enjoy meals crafted by Chef Maxamilian that are filled with local produce from 16th September to 2nd October 2022 as part of our fifth edition of Taste & Dine. These meals are available as a one-day meal plan for $50, or as part of a weekly meal plan starting from $138. 

Lunch: Steamed Mullet with Ginger & Scallion Sauce,
Bee Hoon and Go Farm Bok Choy

Dinner: Crispy Skin Local Barramundi with Go Farm Kai Lan
and Green Kitchen Fermented Chilli Sauce

The meal plans are available to order from Green Kitchen’s website here.


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