Singapore’s top local celebrity chef Eric Teo shares his thoughts on the nutritional benefits of homegrown produce and the importance of developing a new generation of modern farmers in Singapore.

The first of Backyard Productions’ Taste & Dine events has taken off in conjunction with the grand opening of XPACE Xupper Club. Nestled in XPACE @ 218 Pandan Loop, XPACE Xupper Club serves nutritious food that is good for the body and the earth.

The menu at XPACE Xupper Club is created by one of Singapore’s top local celebrity chef, Chef Eric Teo who has under his belt a number of awards throughout the 21 years of his culinary career. Chef Eric was also instrument in leading a team of chefs to finish in the top 10s and bring home gold medals for Singapore at the Culinary Olympics in the early 2000s. A remarkable achievement for Singapore, Chef Eric is passionate about raising up the next generation of culinary experts to make their mark for Singapore in the global culinary scene.

In a short chat with Chef Eric, he shared his thoughts about the nutritional benefits of homegrown produce and the importance of developing a new generation of modern farmers in Singapore.

“I adore food and I know that the largest benefit of homegrown produce is the nutritional value. Since the food is harvested locally, the time for the produce from farm to table happens within 24 to 48 hours. This tells me that the produce itself is packed with all the promised vitamins, minerals and  health benefits that hasn’t been lost in processing and transportation. Plus it is also sustainable, which is very important for today’s environment.”

“That being said, I hope that local farms will grow in variety to offer more seafood, fruits, vegetables, livestock and even seasonal ingredients as well. With greater variety, we will be able to create more to suit different palettes and get everyone closer to eating healthily!”

“I am happy to know that this new generation of modern farmers are using technology to grow the food that we eat in a way that is healthy, nutritious and sustainable. It is my hope that the farmers themselves will continue to develop and nurture local young talents and interested people to produce, process and become experts in this field of agritech farming.”

Thank you Chef Eric for your valuable contribution to supporting our local farming industry! 

About Taste & Dine

Taste & Dine is a series of dining events brought to you by Backyard Productions in collaboration with the best restaurants in Singapore to highlight our homegrown produce.

By working together with chefs to create a menu that uses locally grown and farmed produce, Backyard Productions aims to bring our homegrown gems to the forefront of the industry, making it accessible for all.

Chef Eric’s tasty creations using local produce can be found at XPACE Xupper Club from 11th to 15th of October 2021. From fish and chips to a delightful spin on local Laksa, the menu ranges between $3.50 to $10.50 per dish.

You can check out the daily menu here.


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