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Imports at the port reached 427,280 TEU, corresponding to a year-on-year rise of 4.6%, while exports saw a decline of 18.3% compared to the previous March, falling to 114,185 TEU. Als Containertransport bezeichnet man eine spezielle Art des Behltertransports, der auf intermodalen, stapelbaren Metallcontainern (wie etwa Luftfrachtcontainer, ISO-Container usw.) Ranked 17th in air cargo volumes in North America (ACI rankings-2020) Search Traffic and Operations Reports. 16. Below are recent and historical figures for the Port. The Montreal Port Authority (MPA) is an autonomous federal agency created under the terms of the Canada Marine Act. Empty containers moved through the Port declined 2.4% to 282,502 TEUs. Latest numbers are preliminary estimates. Annual History 1991-2021. This metric reflects the total amount of freight passing through the Port of Los Angeles. The entire port handled 8.1 million laden and empty TEU last year, according to Port of Long Beach statistics. Not all terminals will choose to densify. Rather, those that do will balance the high costs associated with automation $1.4 billion in the case of LBCT and the efficiencies and reduced labor costs inherent in automation, Nye said. Several ports have already announced their December container tallies. When sourcing this data, please credit the Port of Los Angeles. 8/22/06 Hong Kong's port transshipment cargo recorded an average annual growth rate of 12% from 2000 to 2005, the Census & Statistics Department says. The Port of Oakland loads and discharges more than 99% of the containerized goods moving through Northern California. Port of Oakland Loaded Container Volume for 2016 Reaches All-time-High 1.83 Million TEUs. Year-to-date Average Wait time at Anchor (in Days) 3.78. Port Extends Incentive Programs for Cutting Ship Emissions. The adjacent US ports overtook the Rotterdam container port in 2020 and thus made it into the top ten. Expand. Port of Long Beach data: Over at POLB, 2020 turned in its highest-volume year ever, coming in at 8,113,315 TEU, for a 6.3% annual increase. To access the marine terminal cargo statistics, click on any of the following links: Marine Stats. Get a data picture of cargo moving through the Port of Long Beach. Los Angeles / Long Beach 912,000 (1 in 9) jobs in five-county region 3 million (1 in 48) jobs throughout the U.S. 40% West Coast 74% West Coast 17% National 31% National Port of Los Angeles San Pedro Bay Port Complex Port of Los Angeles + Port of Long Beach Market Share Market Share. The Port of Long Beach announced Wednesday that it moved 7.6 million TEU over the span of 2019, its second-busiest year on record and a six-percent decline from the fast pace it set the year before. The Port of Long Beach (POLB) has achieved a new record in 2021 by handling container volumes of more than 9.38 million TEU amid a historic import surge, induced by the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2003, the port handled about 3.8 million TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) carrying international imports and exports.

Running Head: PORT OF LOS ANGELES AND PORT OF LONG BEACH Port of Los Total air cargo 498,741 metric tons (2021) 2021 represents an all-time tonnage record for SEA. First quarter 2019 cargo movement eased 4.7% compared to last years opening quarter. Anchorage Activity for the week ending 6/17/2022. Cargo Statistics. TEU (-8.2%) fall-off the same forecaster had foreseen for December in its November 9 report. The size of cargo containers range from 20 feet long to more than 50 feet long. Long Beach is primarily a container port although it handles noncontainerized bulk cargo. Despite the decline, 2019 was the Ports second best year on record. JAXPORT Cargo Statistics FY22 Year-to-date FY 2022 Vessel Calls Tonnage Container TEUs Auto Units October 118 780,723 106,888 39,111 November 110 739,632 108,736 38,969 December 133 743,080 107,849. In late-November 2018, Port Seattle's Terminal 18 (operated by SSA Marine Inc) surpassed the 1 million TEU-container volume. This makes LA the largest container port in North America. Its easy to say a port is successful but more meaningful when that story is quantified.

The 6 terminals that comprise The Port of Virginia operate on a combined 1,864 acres, with 19,885 LF of berth going to 50 in some locations, and utilizing 30 miles of on-dock rail to transport cargo to and from markets around the globe. This portion of the website looks at the aspects of GPAs business by many sectors. Dockworkers and terminal operators moved 789,716 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs), down 2.1% from the Ports strongest October on record, achieved in 2020. View More. How to do Business with the Port. The entire port handled 8.1 million laden and empty TEU last year, according to Port of Long Beach statistics. Number of Container Ships that Departed the Anchorage. . Larry Nye, vice president of port planning at the infrastructure advisory firm Moffatt & Nichols told JOC.com Wednesday that based on conservative growth projections of about 4 percent per year, Los Angeles-Long Beach will reach its full capacity of about 23 million to 25 million TEU per year by 202728, unless terminals densify their operations. January 20, 2022. Foreign-Trade Zone No.25 Annual Statistics. Long Beach: Long Beach: 3,625,263: 1,525,560: 2,041,243: 16: Juneau: Juneau: 76,945: 28,004: 44,656: 17: Jacksonville: Jacksonville: 224,131: 368,133: 323,028: 18: Houston: Houston: 839,482: 948,740: 342,318: 19: Honolulu: Honolulu: 524,741: 293,257: 395,131: 20: Port Everglades: Everglades: 322,526: 427,350: 310,630: 21: Charleston: Charleston: 835,197: The Story, In Numbers, of GPAS Success. The Port of Long Beach is located less than two miles (3 km) southwest of Downtown Long Beach and approximately 25 miles (40 km) south of Downtown Los Angeles. Employment Opportunities. As indicated in Figure 2 above, the value of imports and exports through the Port of Long Beach in 2017 was $155.1 billion and $39.0 billion respectively, for a total trade value of $194.1 billion. The Californian port has handled 863,156 TEU in March, which translates to an increase of 2.7% compared to March 2021. NWSA YTD TEU volumes down 2.7% May 18, 2022 NWSA full import TEUs set Q1 record April 19, 2022 NWSA full container imports break record for February March 17, 2022 / 33.75500N 118.21500W / 33.75500; -118.21500 The Port of Long Beach, also known as the Harbor Department of the City of Long Beach, is a container port in the United States, which adjoins Port of Los Angeles. It does everything in its power to make the Port of Montreal as competitive as possible, and from this perspective provides first-rate facilities to sea and land carriers, to terminal operators and to shippers. NCL Bliss is world's first specifically constructed for Alaska mega-liner. Quick Links. Provided statistical breakdowns include monthly and annual container counts measured in Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units (TEUs), a standardized maritime industry measurement used when counting cargo containers of varying lengths. The container port is one of the largest outside of Asia. The Port of Long Beach reported that total September volume, at 748,472 TEU, posted its second-best September over, decreasing 5.9% annually compared to The Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex is in the throes of a peak season cargo surge that could lift its volume this year to a record 20 million TEU, and port officials say their terminal operators will handle the load despite vessel bunching, excessive container dwell times, and increasing trucker turn times. The international measure is the smallest box, the 20-footer or 20-foot-equivalent unit (TEU). Contact SEA Airport. In 2018, the cruise port handled a total of 216 ship calls and nearly 1,072 million passengers (4% increase over 2017). Imports decreased 4.3% to 385,000 TEUs, while exports increased 6.6% to 122,214 TEUs. Diese Container werden nach standardisierten Maen gefertigt und knnen effizient be- und entladen, gestapelt, transportiert und zwischen verschiedenen Verkehrsmitteln umgeladen Building on its longstanding initiatives for reducing vessel pollution, the Port of Long Beach has extended its Green Ship Incentive Program another two years and made its Vessel Speed Reduction Program permanent. Statistics are updated monthly. Importsat 3,998,340 TEUheaded up 6.4%, and exportsat 1,475,888eked out a 0.2% gain. table 3-8: port of long beach teu forecast ..28 Port of Long Beach Deep Draft Navigation Study Appendix E: Economics Los Angeles County, California Final Integrated Feasibility Report and inbound loaded TEUs in the years final month totaled a That was also a 6.1% increase over November, indicating The Port of Long Beach, also known as the Harbor Department of the City of Long Beach, is a container port in the United States, which adjoins Port of Los Angeles. Each day, an average of five vessels sail into our states harbors, carrying cargo worth more than $200 million. TEUs: 20-foot equivalent units or 20-foot-long cargo container. Port Everglades generates more than $30 billion worth of business activity annually and supports 7,013 direct local jobs and 206,255 jobs statewide, according to a study produced by nationally recognized maritime research company Martin Associates. The seaport generates approximately $100 billion per year in The international measure is the smallest box, the 20-footer or 20-foot-equivalent unit (TEU). Home > About the Port > Statistics. In 2020, the handling volume in Los Angeles / Long Beach was 17.3 Million TEU. 10 Year Compound Annual Growth Rate: 0.3%; 10 Year Total Growth: 2.9%; Container Statistics Port of Oakland TEU's Activity 2016. In 2018 these ports also handled about 2.5 million, 2.7 million, and 2.0 million empty TEU, respectively, that contributed to the effort required to load and unload each container vessel. 1st ranked U.S. port in foreign waterborne tonnage 193.8 million short tons (2021) 1st ranked U.S. port in total foreign and domestic waterborne tonnage 276 million short tons (2020) 3rd ranked U.S. port in terms of total foreign cargo value ($169.7 billion) 2021 Largest Texas port with 35% of market share by tonnage Project Component Demonstrate two battery- electric top handlers for SSA Marine at Pier J Demonstrate one fuel cell yard tractor, one battery-electric top handler and one battery-electric yard tractor for Long Beach Historical Full TEU Activity. Oakland's cargo volume makes it the ninth busiest container port in the United States based on Calendar Year 2021 data. The information presented on this website is provided free of charge. Port of Los Angeles San Pedro Bay Port Complex (Port of Los Angeles + Port of Long Beach) Ranked #17 in the world: Ranked #9 in the world: 134,000 jobs in Los Angeles (1 in 14) 181,000 jobs in Los Angeles/Long Beach (1 in 12) 480,000 jobs in five-county region (1 in 17) 951,000 jobs in five-county region (1 in 9) 1,452,000 jobs throughout the U.S. (1 in 101) Port. Business; Port Statistics; Links to Port of Long Beach facebook page. The figures were announced by the Ports Executive Director Mario Cordero at the annual State of the Port address, attended by 750 industry partners. The number of HIV infections in the southern metropolis has been increasing, the health department stated, adding that there is a change in HIV-related risk behaviors. Weekly Average Container Ships Waiting at Anchor Per Day. The top 25 container ports handled a total of 39.8 million TEU, accounting for 96.5 percent of the loaded TEU handled by all U.S. container ports. Rather, those that do will balance the high costs associated with automation $1.4 billion in the case of LBCT and the efficiencies and reduced labor costs inherent in automation, Nye said. basiert. The Port of Savannah moved a record 5.6 million TEU in 2021 for an increase of about 20% compared to 2020, the Georgia Ports Authority said Tuesday. The Port of Long Beach exceeded the previous record of 8.11 million TEU in 2020. links to Port of Long Beach Twitter account. Video: Port Update Rail and the Supply Chain. For example, the fully automated LBCT facility later this year will complete the third and final phase of its expansion, giving it an annual throughput capacity of 3.4 million TEU, according to LBCT, which is one of six container terminals in Long Beach. The C-PORT Demonstration will begin with equipment being deployed in 2019 and is expected to be completed by 2020.

View Notes - LOS ANGELAS & LONG BEACH SHIPPING PORTS AND CONTAINERIZATION ans from BUSINESS 101 at Kentucky State University. The Port provides detailed statistics regarding ocean-going marine cargo moving to and from its public facilities (Terminals 2, 4, 5 and 6). That figure trails only the first quarter of 2018, a year when the Port set an annual record for container movement at 8.1 million TEUs. The Port of Los Angeles was the largest port in the United States based on the total cargo handled in TEU. Monthly TEUs Loaded Repor t (69 kb) Fiscal Year 2022 View as a chart. Acting as a major gateway for USAsian trade, the port occupies 3,200 acres (13 km 2) of land with 25 miles (40 km) of waterfront in the city of Long Beach, California.The Port of Long Beach is located less than two The Port of Long Beachs TEU traffic fell by 5.7% in 2019 amid the US-China trade war, new technology and shipping routes. View as a table. TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit) is a unit of measure commonly used in the logistics sector to represent shipping containers -- the large boxes used to hold goods during travel by land or sea. View More The statistics are organized by commodity type and are updated monthly. The highest TEU volumes are associated with coastal container ports, such as the ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles, and New York and New Jersey. August 6, 2020 A new rate to support the transition of the drayage fleet serving the San Pedro Bay ports to 100% zero-emission trucks will be delayed until 2021. Similarly, in Long Beach, where over 8 million TEU vessels have been handled, a 17% decrease in imports has been reported [46,93,94]. April 15, 2022 - The Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach will delay consideration of the Container Dwell Fee for another week, this time until April 22. The Port of Valencia is a seaport in Valencia, Spain.It is the fifth busiest seaport in Europe and the busiest port in the Mediterranean.As of 2019, it moves an annual cargo traffic of around eighty-one million tonnes (eighty million long tons; eighty-nine million short tons) and 5.4 million TEU, ranking first in Spain and second in the Mediterranean basin in container shipping AddThis Sharing Buttons. The Port of Long Beach reported that . Total POLA volumeat 898,941 TEU (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units)posted a 1.7% annual gain, marking the best September in the ports 114-year history, topping the previous high set in 2020 by nearly 2%. Weekly Average Wait time at Anchor (in Days) 4.18. Particularly, the US West Coast port proceeded 9,384,368 TEU Fiscal Year = Oct. 1 through Sept. 30. TEU History with Totals Calendar Year to Date. In the United States (US), Los Angeles handled 9.46 million TEU in 2018, and since the pandemic, a reduction in trade volume by over 22% has been observed. Port 101. The Port notched the second-busiest first quarter in its history, moving more than 1.8 million TEUs January through March. Figure 3 below summarizes the current geographic distribution of these import and export values by region. Not all terminals will choose to densify. The container ports with the highest TEU volumes were coastal container ports, such as the ports of Los Statistics. About 76 percent of HIV infections recorded in Ho Chi Minh City in 2021 were among men who have sex with men (MSM), according to statistics from the municipal Department of Health.

he Port of Long Beach, along with its sister port in Los Angeles, is located on the southern California coastline. 24. This accounted for 18 percent of U.S. containerized TEUs handled at all our nations seaports.