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What amazes me is how all the children, now adults, have not all turned on one another. One of the most mind-boggling and difficult-to-understand phenomena in all of psychology is how some parents seem to go out of their way to severely abuse, physically and/or sexually, their own children. Such people do not generally come to therapy themselves to find out what drove them to act in such heinous ways, so therapists such as myself are left to theorize about the reasons for their behavior on the basis of descriptions and histories provided by their victims, and on the basis of discovering the family dynamics of those patients who have abused or neglected their children in much more subtle and far milder ways. , and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes. According to Whitney's relatives, Just would make a game of his molestations, telling the children to "play horsey" or giving them money, which he would increase according to the child's actions. Subject Melvin Just is alleged to have raped and murdered Josephine Spegel, a social worker, around March 11, 1969 while his family lived in Carlotta, California (In Southern Humboldt). Talk about invalidating the victims of abuse! The most troubling aspect of this case is that it took several decades for him to be caught. They welcomed their first son, Nathan, in 2020. There are too many organizations out there willing to help for someone to be in this position. "Instead of being angry, spinning around in circles going nowhere, I have disgust that I've turned into something positive," says the filmmaker, who also works as a stockbroker for a Wall Street firm. So why are so many of us drinking over the recommended limits? The abuse resulted in dysfunction spanning three generations of Whitney's family. official version of the events surrounding the attacks on 9/11 can not Later, Melvin's second marriage to Venice brought a fresh batch of victims into his clutches, including Pambi, who was handicapped since birth, and Bobbie, who was . Whitney then reveals he was molested by an uncle at the age of 6. As a viewer it's really infuriates me, how can a human being did that without conscience and getting his stomach sick and worst denying the truth until his . Buried in Washington, USA. Police had to know their house was the last home visited and they dont put 2 and 2 togeather? However, Heard was not an employee of the World Trade Center, nor was she there when the attacks happened. The documentary is free to watch for Amazon Prime members on Amazon Video here. Director James Ronald Whitneys takes a personal look into his own tormented family tree and its history of alcoholism, drug abuse and incest across three generations. Spegel had arrived to check on the children's welfare only to find Just in bed with his stepdaughter. How Psychologically Conditioned Rats Are Defusing Landmines, Family Dysfunction and Mental Health Blog, Why Teens Are So Critical of Their Parents, Adverse Childhood Experiences and Physical and Mental Health, 7 Ticking Time Bombs That Destroy Loving Relationships, The Single Best (and Hardest) Thing to Give Up, 3 Ways to Reclaim Your Hope and Happiness. The hurt these women suffered goes so deep its a wonder any of them are still alive. Additionally, Just was accused of these same acts against Pambi and her half-sisters through Venise, Denise and Bobbie, and Jenise, the sole child of the marriage of Venise and Just.[4]. 3 deaths potentially linked to the Murdaugh family remain unsolved. Fans have questioned where Hoda Kotb is after she missed another episode of the Today show in an unexplained, week-long absence. Lloyd Lee and Erin Snodgrass. He had just raped his daughter recently the abuse was still happening hell his aunt was inappropriate on the film flash him her tits her rights and wrongs are gooone . As an aside, by pushing adult children away by being hateful through denying that anything untoward happened or through seeming happy with themselves, monsters are actually trying to do their children a favor by pushing them away (i.e., distancing). In fact, I did things to my kids that are actually much worse than what you did to me.". Additionally, . The abuser lies so well. ALSO; people need to remember this happened a LONG time ago, social climates were different in regards to child abuse (although still today these monsters get away with it constantly, my abuser is walking free, but I wll forever be chained by what was done to me. Glory Daze follows Michael Alig's story, the club owner of Club Kids who got caught up in New York nightlife's glitz and glam. Clunky still stands! PARK CITY, Utah -- Two documentaries about wounded families, one angry, the other healing, have caused a stir during the closing days of the Sundance Film Festival. Please help us fight sexual abuse, incest and pedophilia and share this movie. . Just, Melvin: Just Evil 2001 Documentary TVMA Watchlist The children and stepchildren of Melvin Just accuse him of molestation in this bizarre and unsettling history of sexual abuse in the. Chicago Cubs starter Justin Steele and six relievers combined on baseball's first spring training no-hitter since 2017, blanking the Padres 4-0 . A tale of child abuse and manipulation, Just Melvin, Just Evil, documents a fathers abuse towards his children. I found my self yelling at the video .saying hes not daddy dam it get mad let it out .. In this documentary focusing on his own tortured family tree, James Ronald Whitney chronicles an evil that seems too pure to be real: Melvin Just. "In our family, that's a Tuesday morning.". In it, they detail their experiences of abuse over decades, at his hands, even admitting to knowing of a murder he committed to keep his crimes . Old Medication, New Use: Can Prazosin Curb Drinking? He knows very well that what he did was wrong, and that seeming proud of it would turn him into "the man most hated in the universe" in the eyes of anyone watching the film. Stay up-to-date on all the latest Rotten Tomatoes news! Nancy Abraham . Justin and Evelin Justin and Evelin, who knew each other only seven days before getting engaged, are still together. Melvin Just should have spent the rest of his days in jail, at the very least. "I mean, really from 2020 on, I feel like I had to, if I were a car, I've made a lotta trips to the shop. No. Often we are questioned in front of our abusers. Unfortunately, this does not make their children feel better about themselves. makes no sense. Whenever Melvin is putting on his shoes, he always sits on his bed. In this documentary focusing on his own tortured family tree, James Ronald Whitney chronicles an evil that seems too pure to be real: Melvin Just. In a large American family ravaged by alcohol and suppressed trauma, it seems that only one member \"made it out.\" This man is James Ronald Whitney, who was brave enough to use this documentary as an outlet to explore his family's history, searching for answers (and closure) to the horror suffered by himself and his relatives. for some people, and to inform those who have gone through it that they are not Art by Dorothy Lathrop, 1922. and the Quit using it as an excuse to drink. Just, Melvin: Just Evil, 2000, documentary directed by James Ronald Whitney; A grandfather sexually molests a number of family members. He then does a back-and-forth dance around them. The River's Edge. Theres a special place in hell for men like this. By creating an account, you agree to the Below is an award-winning documentary about incest. In the past, Nevins' documentaries might air any time on the pay cable channel. I believe they are trying to take the heat off their own abusive parents by playing the monster role. Executive producer, Richard Reichgut. One estimate I saw asserted that the combined incidence of verbal, psychological, physical and sexual abuse in the childhoods of individuals in this country is 80 percent! Just Melvin, Just Evil is the most disturbing documentary you'll ever see. The text credits are interspersed with video, revealing the daughters to struggle between extreme grief and extreme hate, as the clergyman attempts to conduct the ceremony. And I feel like I'm emerging. James Ronald Whitney's first film is a documentary about the cycle of incest and abuse in his family, a cycle started by his grandfather, Melvin Just. This documentary should have been nominated for an Oscar. In it, they detail their experiences of abuse over decades, at his hands, even admitting to knowing of a murder he committed to keep his crimes quiet.Four generations of sexual abuse, substance abuse, terrible secrets, neglect, and violence are explored in the story of Melvin Just: Just Melvin, Just Evil. Whitney not only explores the unspeakable acts perpetrated by his grandfather, but also the legacy of self-destructive behavior that can all be traced back to Just.http://ItsMyURLs.com/Overkill_MSA Some even decide never to have children for fear that they might become abusive to their own children just like their parents were. that many other folks will never understand By opting to have your ticket verified for this movie, you are allowing us to check the email address associated with your Rotten Tomatoes account against an email address associated with a Fandango ticket purchase for the same movie. . This is an insider looking in, exposing open and bleeding wounds in a detailed and often grotesque close-up. Just, Melvin caught HBO's eye during the Sundance Film Festival, where Chicago Sun-Times movie critic Roger Ebert championed the film (on his TV show At the Movies, Ebert called it "one of the angriest, most painful documentaries I have ever seen . JUST, MELVIN JUST EVIL Read More. A tale of child abuse and manipulation, "Just Melvin, Just Evil," documents a father's abuse towards his children. Besides, it shows the devastating consequences of it for future generations (Kambitsis, 2002). Through shocking interviews with relatives, which describe hideous and appalling crimes, Whitney seeks to dissect the long-lasting impact of Melvins abuse on his family. Just Ask My Children, 2001, directed by Arvin Brown; The story of wrongfully accused parents from the Kern County child abuse cases. He is a complete maniac, and he deserves to die in slow horrendous pain. A few weeks later, he was dead. Viewers will hear stories from Ray himself, his followers and his victims. Your obscene lack of intelligence is abhorrent to say the least.. SioI am a very unshallow person, I do feel for these woman as children who had to go thru this nightmareBut dont keep running to him expecting anything to be different, recognize that you do need help, with childhood issues, with alcohol and drugs, and get that help. whatever they deem is right, is right," Uncle Jim tells the camera. Whitney not only explores the unspeakable acts perpetrated by his grandfather, but also the legacy of self-destructive behavior that can all be traced back to Just. The difference is that Schindler's List leaves you with a feeling of hope, Come and See does NOT.". This is an obvious set up for the child to be abused, and seemingly a nicely-wrapped gift to the abusive men as well. Viewers can access the documentary for free on YouTube here. "It's sociology meets archaeology meets television," says Nevins, noting how Just, Melvin fits into HBO's vision of documentary filmmaking. However, that episode was pre-recorded so her last live appearance on the program was Friday 17 February. The documentary provides extensive information on the case and discusses the negligence of police to handle crimes in black communities in America. In one of the film's most telling moments, Whitney's Uncle Jim _ one of Just's stepchildren _ calmly discusses offering to let one of his half-sisters share his home as his wife to avoid homelessness. Though it didn't win a prize at Sundance, it did take honors at film festivals in Santa Barbara, Calif.; Austin, Texas; Vancouver; and others. With this caveat in mind, I present the role of the monster. All Audience. Its because of shallow, narcissistic imbeciles like yourself that are incapable of empathy, that the world is in such dire straits illiterate cretin, you really ought to go read a psychology book.

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