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A 50-year-old man from Turffontein, south of Johannesburg, who is one of the latest Lotto winners, says he will use his winnings to finally buy his own home. It's the winning Lotto, Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 numbers for 2 July 2022. South African Lotto Winners. Latest results.

R22,000,000.00. Get in touch with our friendly staff. We contact all winners. 1 person bags the Daily Lotto jackpot! Let's start this story off with the truth: Stewart Becker isn't this lotto winner's real name. Past South Africa Lotto lottery numbers; results from the last 6 months worth of draws covering tickets which are currently valid. South Africa We are happy to inform that 2 lucky South African Lottoland players joined the winners' list after they placed their bets on the German Lotto. There were 51,374 Winners in this draw! Cancer Survivor Wins South Africa Lotto. There were 58,006 Winners in this draw! 2 bag the Daily Lotto prize! In 2013, Canterbury was sentenced to 28 years in prison for murder. Results. Won by a man in his 50's from Cape Town. Many lottery winners lost their millions through lavish lifestyles. Our Recent Winners. R60,302,027 Wednesday 9 October 2019. The 1,316th South Africa Powerball Plus draw took place on Tuesday 5 th July 2022 and the following numbers were drawn: Draw Date: 05/07/2022.

Wednesday 29 June. R210k for two Daily Lotto players! This page is more than a hall of fame for all of our lucky winners and many more to come, but it is dedicated to you our loyal players. Total Sales.

At LottoStar, we are not only your world of lotteries but your world of winners too. Customer Support. 5. LOTTO was launched in South Africa on Thursday, March 2, 2000. Source: UGC. There have been two lucky winners in South Africa after betting on German Lotto with Lottoland! Find all historical South Africa Lotto results from past draws. Taking the first place on the list is the biggest PowerBall Plus payout in the history of South Africa Lotto. Powerball; Mega Millions; Lotto America; New York Lotto; California Super Lotto; Texas Lotto; Illinois Lotto; Florida Lotto; New Jersey Pick 6; New Jersey Cash 5; Canada 649; Canada Lotto Max; Michigan Lotto 47; Michigan Fantasy 5; Result Date Numbers Jackpot; Saturday 2 nd July 2022 : 4; 17; 22; 37; 38; 46; 23; R: He won the February 19, 2019 PowerBall draw. R11,489,630.00. There have been many significant South African lottery wins in recent years, with the biggest being listed below: ZAR 232 million in Powerball on February 19, 2019. Check South Africa Lotto Winning Numbers.

It was not easy to make the call to claim the winnings exclaimed the winner, whose contemporaries can be found among the youngest Lotto winners in South Africa.

27; 33; 34; 40; 41; 51; 36; View Draw Details. Monday 4th July 2022. Happy betting!

South Africa Powerball Plus winning numbers and results breakdown Tuesday 5th July 2022 including winners for each prize tier. Never miss a South Africa Lotto draw again. There are quite a few stories of South African lotto winners who are now broke. 1. Otherwise, we're always happy to chat. Here are the winning Daily Lotto numbers. This is after he turned to a life of crime and drugs to support his lifestyle after he lost all his winnings. Get all your latest Ithuba national lotto results provided by Here youll find the results of all the South Africa Lotto draws that have taken place over the last few weeks. 2022-07-02. Andrew Jackson Whittaker. 3 bag the Daily Lotto jackpot! The latest PowerBall and PowerBall Plus results are available on this page. He continued to draw lots and also invested more money to pursue a big victory.

; The minimum guaranteed jackpot for this South African lottery is R2 million, and there is no cap. Check out our FAQs to see if we can help you out. Powerball is very simple to play.

ZAR 114.2 million in Powerball on November 26, 2019. Image: 123RF.COM.

Daily Lotto: 5 players win jackpot!

Get your results. Draw Machine.

Saturday 25 June. ; A total of 33 players took the jackpot prize on March 15, 2003, resulting in an R111,901 prize for

The winner of the second-biggest jackpot in PowerBall history was a 34-year-old engineer from Secunda, Mpumalanga, who bought his lucky ticket for R20 from Evander Dienstasie on 1 Rotter Dam Road, Evander. He had been playing the lottery for years before his big win, and collected his nine-figure prize four days after the draw. R61,633,381 Saturday 27 July 2019. LOTTO is a lottery game played in South Africa. R79,874,758 Saturday 4 May 2019. About Us. During the lockdown, one Lottoland winner from the Western Cape placed a R90 bet on the German Lotto.

Draw Number: 1,316.

The latest Lotto results are added to this page every Wednesday and Saturday night, straight after the winning numbers have been confirmed. R145 million. See He matched all five numbers and the SuperBall and won R381 175.78. After winning he explained, Now I can do View the total number of winners and the size of the jackpot for each draw, and select the Payouts button for even more information. There were 76,761 Winners in this draw! When you have been diagnosed with cancer, lost sight in one eye and lost your job over too many sick days, now that is the absolute best moment to become a jackpot winner. Choose your country. Here is a table of the highest South African lottery jackpots won in the first half of 2020. 20 people won South African lottery after playing 5, 6, 7, Next Jackpot. North America. Top 10 Lottery Winners. Browse all our latest national lottery results here! FAQs. Real people across South Africa win the lottery on a regular basis. For even older results, scroll to the foot of this page and follow the link to the Results Archive. You need six numbers from 1 to 52. Lottery winner, Andrew Jackson. The number of our winners keeps increasing on a daily and we love it. Draw Number: 2,229. Winning Lotto numbers are being drawn every Wednesday and Saturday at 21:00.. You need a Lotto bet slip, find it at your nearest retailer. In the same year, that same month, a 34-year-old engineer from Secunda banked a much bigger prize. German Lotto South Africa winner story. How to play SA Lotto.

; Take your Betslip to a cashier and make your payment -


R110 million - Saturday 27 January 2018. Keep reading to find out about some of the most amazing success stories in South African Lottery history. *Tier 1 winning bets on the US Powerball and US MegaMillions are paid out as 30 year annuity or discounted lump sum at Lottolands election, and Tiers 1 3 are also subject to 38% reduction as per T&C's.

These aren't pipe dreams either. This was true for the Virginia native, Whittaker, who won $314.9 million in 2002. The South African National Lottery has awarded millions to lucky winners from all over the country. Wednesday 6th July 2022. The player from Limpopo won the South African national lottery in 2002 and received an impressive Rs. ; Players have one year to claim their prizes, which are 100% free of taxes. South Africa Lotto winning numbers and results breakdown Saturday 14th May 2022 including winners for each prize tier. Take a coupon to your hand and check if you have became a millionaire last night!; SA Lottery. Our guide to South African Lotto. 3. Playing this game is easy.

A big bunch of people plays it to test their luck and mathematical skill. All jackpots are estimates and subject to currency fluctuations. South Africa Lotto draw history for all draws in 2022. Choose a draw date to view the South Africa Lotto prize breakdown and winners. Call Email.

Jason Canterbury, who is from the Cape Flats, won R6.7 million in 2003 at the age of 18. South Africa * Results SA * Lotto; Lotto Plus; Lotto Plus 2; Daily Lotto; Powerball; Powerball Plus Lottery Results - South Africa SA; Lotto Sat 2 July 2022 (2022-07-02) 4: 17: 22: 37: 38: 46: 23; [Powerball 5/7/22 winning numbers Powerball 5 July 2022 numbers tonight Powerball 5/07/2022 Tuesday numbers jackpot winner tonight Powerball Plus 5th July 2022] Powerball in South Africa is now a very famous lottery game. The Lotto jackpot rolled over 21 times before a guaranteed record jackpot of R110 million was put up in 2. For more information, you can read the article about Lottoland winners in South Africa.

The Winning Numbers for South Africa Daily Lotto Draw were 1, 2, 8, 31 Latest Results. 4. There is never a bad moment for winning the lottery, but sometimes it could not happen at a better time. The winning lotto ticket was purchased for R20 in Middelburg, Mpumalanga. Homepage; Past South Africa Lotto Numbers; Click on the date to view further information on that draw. Disclaimer: Although ITHUBA takes every care to ensure the accuracy of information containing the National Lottery results, ITHUBA cannot take any responsibility for any errors, mistakes or omissions contained herein. ZAR 110 million in Lotto on January 27, 2018. Having created more than 800 millionaires since its March 2000 launch, the South Africa National Lottery has completed more than 2,500 drawings with nearly 20,000 individual lottery balls having been drawn. [Powerball 5/7/22 results tonight winning numbers Powerball 5 July 2022 numbers Powerball numbers for 5th July 2022, Powerball Plus 5 July 2022 results] The Powerball and Powerball plus lotteries are two of South Africa's most popular lotteries. Lotto Results, prediction, statistics, number frequency - South Africa National Lottery SA. After 59 rollovers, the amount of R153,466,150.39 was won by 1 winner from KwaZulu Natal. Secret Lottery Winners. Check the official South Africa Lotto results on this page and see if you have the winning numbers. Updated on: 16-6-2022. R232 million. Simply click the game you like and search for your results. According to the official website, below are the biggest jackpots paid out in the past. Have a question or need help? The lucky player opted for the manual selection method. Next Draw Date. The 2,229th South Africa Lotto draw took place on Saturday 14 th May 2022 and the following numbers were drawn: Draw Date: 14/05/2022. Draw date: 05 Jul 2022, Winning number: 13-14-16-18-31, Check South Africa Powerball results for Tuesday 05 Jul 2022 and prize breakdown. ; Use a pencil or a pen to choose six numbers from 1 to 52 on as many boards as you wish.

Lotto Winners. This is a fully functional lottery site with South African results of games such as Lotto, Lotto Plus, Daily Lotto or Powerball.

This time, it was a whopping R145 million in the Powerball. including whether the jackpot was won and how many winning tickets there were across South Africa. South African lotto winners who are now broke: 6 real life Prizes are paid directly into your account. 2. Draws are conducted twice per week every Wednesday and Saturday. Disclaimer: Although ITHUBA takes every care to ensure the accuracy of information containing the National Lottery results, ITHUBA cannot take any responsibility for any errors, mistakes or omissions contained herein.The National Lottery results contained in the official records maintained by ITHUBA's Central Lottery system will prevail and all games Rules and The search is on for lucky Mpumalanga player who won R12,6m in Lotto. 11 million But many players ran with money, stopped working and spent the whole life in the sun, but thought that 11 million players were not enough. Photo: @lotteryCritic. Lottery winner has it all but wants more, he wants his wife back.

Select the fixed date range or custom date range to check the draw results. We provide fast and accurate lottery results for South Africa's Lotto, Lotto Plus, PowerBall, PowerBall Plus and Pick 3 lotteries.

Players can opt for two secondary draws, namely Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2, by paying an extra fee. The first Draw was held on Saturday, March 11, 2000. Tuesday 5th July 2022. Lekker Friday for 3 Daily Lotto winners!